Satomi’s past translation works include…

The Charge (jointly translated with two other translators)
Wherever You Go There You Are
The Referral Engine (as one of four translators)
Ask Caroline
   and others

Album lyrics (from heavy metal to hip-hop)
Artist biographies
Album liner notes
Artist interviews subtitles (dictation of English interviews > Japanese subtitles)
  and many others

Automobile industry (monthly industrial reports, year-end results)
Real estate securitisation related documents (presentation slides, compliance manuals, meeting minutes, correspondence and others)
Agreements (e.g. sales/purchase agreements, licensing agreements)
Financial statements (B/S, P/L)
Company websites
Translation and subtitle creation of company PR videos
Account system manual for a major advertisement agency
   and many others

Artists’ promotional visits (magazine interviews and TV/radio appearances)
Artists’ photo shoots
Recording sessions between Japanese band and British sound engineer
Filming of a PR video of musical instruments by leading manufacturer (interpretation and dialogue direction)
Filming of a documentary programme for British satellite TV
Filming of CMs of condominium buildings by a leading real estate company
   and many others

Financial/real estate company meetings (e.g. real estate securitisation, asset management, marketing communications)
Business meetings between US English test maker and Japan agent
Business meetings between UK record company and Japanese record company
Market research by Japanese manufacturer in US/Germany (product tests and meetings)
Market research by Japanese manufacturer with American/British women living in Japan
Meetings between Japanese local council and a British environmental organisation on the council’s environmental study visit to the U.K.
   and many others

An event at Tokyo Designers Week 2011
African Festa
Corporate events on Soccer World Cup (interpretation of the speeches given by well-known football figures including Mr. Osvaldo Ardiles and Mr. Ron Atokinson)
Seminars by US consumption goods manufacturer for Japanese customers
and many others

Writing (Japanese)
A book with real stories around the world that show the bond between dogs and their owners
News articles/reports for daily business newsletters for Japanese companies in the UK
“Celebrity news” (mobile website contents)
Bilingual email newsletters for company staff as an internal communications tool
News releases (English/Japanese)
Website contents (English/Japanese)
Writing/editing newsletters for customers/potential customers
   and many others

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